Earned Wage Access is a benefit that employers can offer to their employees who need it. With Early Wage Access, the employee can withdraw their earned salary before the payroll schedule, which employees can use to cover unexpected expenses
or emergencies.

Benefits of Earned Wage Access to Employees

No Monthly Interest Fees

We won’t charge monthly interest for you to withdraw your earned salary.

No hidden charges

We believe in transparency. All charges, if there are, will be available for you to see.

One-time Admin Fees

You will only pay one time admin fee for every successful disbursement. That’s all!

Benefits of Early Wage Access to Employers

Boost Employee Engagement

Reduce the turnover rate and boost productivity by giving your employees an early access to their earnings when they need it the most.

Fast and Easy Approval

With Crawfort’s web portal, approval will only take one minute. Employers can just approve the payout requested by the employees, and Crawfort will cover the rest.

One-time Admin Fees

There will be no disruption to your current payroll schedule. Crawfort will cover the requested payout by the employees and is paid back on your regular payroll schedule.

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We will work with your company to help you access your earned salary when you need it the most