With Earned Wage Access (EWA) as a payroll solution and employee benefits, you can allow your employees to cash out and receive their earned salary anytime and anywhere.

For Employers

Make earned salary payment faster! And enhance employee’s financial wellness with Earned Wage Access.

Customized Withdrawal Limit

Customize the percentage of withdrawable funds based on your company's own rules.

Full Visibility

Full control over your employees’ earned salary request through your own dashboard.

Instant Access to Earned Salary

Provide employees with instant access to their earned wages to cover unexpected expenses or emergencies without falling into debt.

For Employees

Withdraw your earned salary anytime you want, and manage unexpected expenses or emergencies with Earned Wage Access.

Same-day Disbursement

Receive the payout in your payroll bank account on the same day.

Easy Withdrawal Request

Request withdrawal of your earned salary in one-click using your dashboard.

0% Interest Charge

Only one-time admin fee for every successful disbursement.

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We will work with your company to help you access your earned salary when you need it the most.